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Indulge In Comfort with Global Total Office

Indulge In Comfort with Global Total Office
Indulge In Comfort with Global Total Office by

Global Total Office specializes in the provision of high quality ergonomic seating solutions designed to provide users with unrivaled support. Their best selling Indulge chair line is no exception. Today on the blog we’ll highlight the features and benefits of this professional office chair collection. Prepare to be impressed!

Look good, feel good! With the Indulge chair from Global Total Office you’ll be sitting in style. These designer office chairs will wow you even at first glance with their contemporary back design and upscale characteristics. The Indulge provides the perfect blend modern ergonomics, traditional elegance, and upscale appeal.

Indulge Office Chair BackThe Global Total Office seating from the Indulge collection packs a major ergonomic punch. The most stand out feature is the adjustable Schukra lumbar support that makes operating during tough days at the office a breeze. In addition, Indulge chairs are outfitted with adjustable T shaped arms with sliding arm caps that help users compute at correct, healthy angles.

Global Total Office Indulge Chair Review by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comIndulge chairs are available in high and mid back variations to meet the needs of any body type. Taller users will love the 3690-1 Indulge series chairs with it’s 50″ high design. The 3691-1 Indulge series chair boasts a 43″ high back that makes it perfect for users up to 6′ tall.

At the everyday low price of just $522.99, the 3691 Indulge office chair can be yours in a wide variety of durable grade 3 upholstery options from Global Total Office. The 3690-1 high back Indulge chair is only slightly more expensive at $576.99. Needless to say, these chairs provide exceptional value.

Global Total Office Indulge Chair Rating by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comIf you’re looking for an office chair that’s easy to use and ready to provide all day support, the Indulge is a can’t miss solution. While you won’t be wowed by overly modern features, the Indulge will no doubt provide you with a sitting experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Sit in either model from this popular collection and you’ll never settle for anything less. The Indulge is a real workhorse that’s ready to rock your work day in the best ways. We give these awesome chairs a well deserved 4 out of 5 star rating.

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