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iNautix Offices – Pune

iNautix Offices – Pune

Concept Architectural Services has designed the new offices of iNautix located in in Pune, India.

The new offices are designed to be a highly agile workspace for the company. Since this office is the creative software development center for iNautix, the theme of interiors is designed to communicate Speed, Vibrancy and High Energy.

The Theme – Speed and Efficiency – The theme is interpreted in 2 ways-firstly by aiming to optimize employee performance and secondly in the character of the interiors by creating a 2 lane jogging track  representing the company’s ideology of Efficiency. Openness and Transparency is obtained by minimizing visual barriers and displays the Company’s endeavors of Collaboration and Connectivity.

A balance between focused work and collaborative tasks is achieved by creating interesting semi-formal Meeting points.  Employees can choose from sitting on the floor in the Arena termed as the Open Air Theater or to stand at the High Bar Stools for quick touch downs.

Space Planning- The layout comprises a variety of workstations including linear, organic, hot desks and fluid tables laid out to create an interesting mix of interconnected clusters.

Space Treatment- The jogging track serves as a fluid passage linking the variety of work spaces and providing a fun relief to the employees while serving to be a constant reminder of the company’s ethos of speed and performance. The columns are glass encased and are used as brainstorming pillars with writable and view able surfaces with mounted LED screens. The centrally located arena is created by tiered seating and provides a venue for important meetings and events with global connectivity achieved through large Interactive screens.

Work Environment- Sound and Light- Noise is controlled by providing acoustic ceilings in the work areas while exposed ceiling in the non-noisy areas utilize the available ceiling heights.

Inautix Pune serves as an excellent solution for a young, international and dynamic company where work, speed and efficiency are maximized and the perfect balance is achieved in Work and Play.

Design: Concept Architectural Services


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