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Heart Rhythm Society – Washington DC Offices

Heart Rhythm Society – Washington DC Offices

OTJ Architects have recently developed a new office design for the Heart Rhythm Society located in Washington DC.

Heart Rhythm Society had a primarily open office already, so the focus for its relocation was to determine just how open the office should be and where to target the open parts of the space.

A vision session was conducted at the onset of the project to better understand the goals for success and to help guide the design’s direction. From this meeting and information gathering, it was understood that Heart Rhythm Society wanted flexibility and mobility to play a big part in the design. These themes are incorporated into the design through the ability to hold large meetings or just small group gatherings, various collaboration zones to provide ample room for constant communication and touchdown tables with power to allow staff to stand up and work if desired. In addition to designated meeting spaces, our design includes areas for employees to break away from their workstations and meet – referred to as “open zones” – where furniture can be moved and rearranged to collaborate. Open work areas were placed along the window line to let natural light filter into the office.

To keep the space bright and open, heavy amounts of glass were used including on office fronts and workstations have low panel heights to facilitate discussion amongst employees and also provide sight lines to the exterior. Acoustical comfort was also determined to be a critical goal in making the open environment a success, so exposed ceilings with acoustical clouds and baffles help with noise reduction.

Design: OTJ Architects
Photography: Chris Spielmann

Reception v2
Work Stations
Pantry v1
Pantry v2
Conference Room v1
Conference Room v2
Conference Room v3
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