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Groupon – Berlin Offices

de Winder has designed the new offices of online coupon company Groupon located in Berlin, Germany.

The new Oberwaldstrasse headquarters of this international online coupon supplier replaces the four previous Berlin locations. With 800 employees, Groupon now manages all business in Germany and portions of its worldwide activities from offices in the historic heart of Berlin. The building, in the immediate vicinity of Hausvogteiplatz, was built in 1889 (Architect: Alfred Bohm) and originally contained a fashion house. At the end of the 20th century it served as studios for the ProSieben-Sat1 media firm.

In the redesign for Groupon, stringent demands for different work environments required strategic handling of existing spatial relationships. With the exception of a few individual offices, the spaces are designed as open-plan offices. The design follows the concept of creating calm and clarity in the spaces, despite high employee density. Different color schemes identify the function of a work area. The colored conference boxes serve as clearly recognizable orientation points in the building. On every floor special spaces such as copier facilities, kitchens and stand-ups gleam as recurring points of color.

Design: de Winder
Photography: Mark Seelen

deWinder_Groupon2_Photo Mark Seelen
deWinder_Groupon3_Photo Mark Seelen
deWinder_Groupon5_Photo Mark Seelen
deWinder_Groupon1_Photo Mark Seelen
deWinder_Groupon6_Photo Mark Seelen
deWinder_Groupon7_Photo Mark Seelen
deWinder_Groupon8_Photo Mark Seelen
deWinder_Groupon4_Photo Mark Seelen
deWinder_Groupon9_Photo Mark Seelen
deWinder_Groupon10_Photo Mark Seelen
deWinder_Groupon11_Photo Mark Seelen

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