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EY Offices – Warsaw

Massive Design has designed the new offices of global advisory company EY located in Warsaw, Poland.

EY advisory company has finished realization of their original concept “Workplace of the future”. The aim was to create modern work environment, that facilitates teamwork, allows providing services at the highest level and attracts best specialists from the labour market. This is already second transformation within the last ten years performed together with Massive Design company.

EY has changed its office interiors. Within the Warsaw office, 144 offices spanning across 12,000 sq. m. (129,167 sqft) have been replaced by new places, equipped with smartboards and modern teleconference devices for individual and group work. Current office interiors are dominated by open, full of light spaces and modern design. Employees can relax in playrooms as well as in large, specious kitchens.

The design of the new unveiling of the office is based on conducted functional tests and on cooperation with employees, grouped in working teams. Architects from Massive Design aimed to combine those individual demands into one coherent solution, consistent with general client concept „Workplace of The Future” and esthetical vision reflecting values represented by EY brand. It required complex approach to designed interiors, meaning necessity of very careful listening to all parties and paying attention to details, such as creative positioning of logo elements, which was previously placed on building façade.

Design: Massive Design

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