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Ergo Experts: Symmetry Office

Ergo Experts: Symmetry Office
Symmetry Office Ergonomic Solutions from

When it comes to workplace ergonomics, Symmetry Office knows their stuff. This industry leading brand specializes in the manufacturing of high tech ergo solutions designed to promote good blood flow, reduce fatigue, and improve performance. Today on the blog we’ll take at the products that keep Symmetry Office in a league of their own. Enjoy!

Symmetry Office Monitor Mounts at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comNobody does monitor mounts better than Symmetry Office, period! The articulating arms from this highly respected brand provide unmatched versatility and functionality. Best selling Symmetry Office monitor arms like the ALLURE-2-SS make it easy for users to switch from sitting to standing positions. This dual screen mount increases usable desk space while simultaneously reducing visual fatigue. The Allure mounts in just minutes to improve any workstation it resides in!

Symmetry Office Harmony CPU HolderYou gotta love the simple and effective CPU holders from Symmetry Office. If you’re tired of banging your knees on the CPU every time you slide your chair underneath your desk, check out the Harmony holder! Priced at just $63.99, this is one of the main ergonomic products we can’t live without.  The Harmony attaches underneath any desk surface and helps create a ton of extra leg space. Having your CPU off the ground also protects your important digital files from theft and water damage.

Symmetry Office Keyboard TraysSymmetry Office keyboard trays will have you computing at healthy angles in no time. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is no joke! That being said, you need to take the initiative to fight back by incorporating an articulating keyboard platform into your workspace. Rest assured, Symmetry Office has you covered. They’re proud to provide dozens of options priced just over a hundred bucks. The addition of an ergonomic keyboard tray will also greatly improve your amount of usable desk surface space. If you haven’t made the switch, the time is now. This is one trend that’s become an industry standard!

Align Laptop Cart by Symmetry OfficeThe ergonomic laptop desks from Symmetry Office pack a major ergonomic punch! Align series carts are the perfect option for fast paced work environments and healthcare facilities. With it’s 20″ x 10″ surface, this cart provides ample operating area. The lithium battery compartment, optional wire organizing basket, and security lock are all well thought out additions that make the Align cart one of the coolest ergonomic solutions on the market.

Sit To Stand Desks from Symmetry OfficeLast but certainly not least, jump on board with the hottest ergonomic movement by selecting a sit to stand workstation from Symmetry Office. As you’ll want to avoided extended sits at all costs, the sit to stand stations from Symmetry promote continuous movement in the workplace. With a variety of sizes and shapes available, creating a sit to stand station to work for your specific business needs is easier than ever. The benefits of sit to stand desks are making many of today’s top schools consider making the switch as well!
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