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Carl Stahl Group – Süßen Offices

Carl Stahl Group – Süßen Offices

design2sense has created the new offices of lifting equipment company Carl Stahl located in Süßen, Germany.

The Carl Stahl Group is one of the leading suppliers for rope and lifting equipment characteristically used by zoos all over the world. Ropes and wildlife remain a common theme throughout their building: Netting secures the stairways; large-area photographs and a consistent interior planting concept mirror the theme. For the first time we had carpeting printed for a building project, which considerably enlarged the area for our creative scope. A calming transition of six different shades of green creates the impression of nature. Chairs in red – the company logo’s color – contrast the natural hues.

The employees’ needs in the different departments turned out to vary greatly, so we organized “subculture workshops”. In the end, we accomplished the balancing act between an ongoing realization of the project as our client requested and the creation of individual workplace designs for the different teams.

The cafeteria’s grid ceiling with recessed luminaire had to stay for financial reasons, but large different-colored lampshades improve the room’s acoustics and have an enlivening effect.

Design: design2sense
PhotographyMarkus Steur

d2s-carl stahl-Innengrün 2
d2s-carl stahl-Arbeitsplatz
d2s-carl stahl-Innengrün
d2s-Carl Stahl-Kantine
d2s-Carl Stahl-Flur
d2s-Carl Stahl-Flur 2
d2s-carl stahl-Außen

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