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Cardinal Health – Ohio Offices

Cardinal Health – Ohio Offices

WSA Studio has created a new office design with a start-up atmosphere for Cardinal Health located in Dublin, Ohio.

Cardinal Health is an international leader in the development of better, safer healthcare delivery. Cardinal helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory care sites focus on patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency and quality. The Fuse by Cardinal Health is a division of Cardinal which was established to bring healthcare and technologies together to incubate opportunities and transform healthcare into a safer and more cost effective industry.

The environment maintains an unexpected start-up atmosphere within a Fortune 19 company. The accessible, casual and creative environment is specifically designed to foster the ingenuity of every individual. At Fuse by Cardinal Health, the ideas are shared among other great minds, vetted each day, and turned into extraordinary healthcare solutions. The environment influences the success of business process and allows teams to take pride in their work, strengthen teams, embrace creativity, manage towards long-term growth, and begin and end work with the customer in mind.

The project design removes barriers between divergent spaces and provides opportunities for users to modulate the various environments throughout the facility. An organically shaped ceiling feature anchors and organizes the environment and provides a common place for teams to convene for group meetings and knowledge sharing. Teaming environments are located adjacent to this centralized organizer and feature mobile furniture and technologies to support a range of work processes. Feature lighting, colorful accessories and unique materials create intrigue throughout the Fuse.

Design: WSA Studio
Photography: Cory Klein

The Fuse Cardinal Health 1 Option
The Fuse Cardinal Health 2 Option
The Fuse Cardinal Health 3 Option
The Fuse Cardinal Health 4
The Fuse Cardinal Health 5
The Fuse Cardinal Health 6
retouch - Fuse 7 Hi

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