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Airbnb Offices – Beijing

Airbnb Offices – Beijing

Studio of Design and Architecture has designed the new offices of Airbnb located in Beijing, China.

Walking into the entrance of Airbnb, you easily find their logo looking that looks like the uppercase of the first letter of the company name, an open armed hug, and resembles a pretzel shape or an upside-down heart. It is symbolic of People, Places, Love, AIRBNB. As stated in their core values, Airbnb ensures that business travellers and tourists feel more comfortable and at home.

The design of all Airbnb offices mirrors their mission that people should “Feel at home anywhere you go in the world with Airbnb”. There are lockers for bags and coats, so that employees don’t have to think where to hang them or hang them on their chair, taking up most of the seating space. Underneath the lockers, there are slippers to change into. A total feeling of home and comfort.

The cozy kitchen makes it easy to throw together a healthy bite and provides space for having meals, interacting with colleagues and resting. The design of all the meeting rooms are inspired by some of the most famous and well-known home listings from Airbnb. This storyboard Airbnb has created depicts the steps someone goes through from the first time she first hears about Airbnb to the time she leaves post-visit feedback. 15 pictures cover the guests journey and 15 more show the journey for the host. The storyboard is placed in each of the offices globally. Besides the space, the values they share make this company good to work for, too. The core of the company is to hire people who share the same visions and values, some knowledge of what Airbnb is all about, and have an interest in traveling.

Design: Studio of Design and Architecture


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