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Air Partners – Calgary Offices

Air Partners – Calgary Offices
October 23, 2015 SAGTCO

Jerilyn Wright & Associates has created a new office design for private aviation company Air Partners located in Calgary, Canada.

Air Partners, an industry-leading private aviation company based in Calgary, required a design that would strongly reflect both their brand and the industry in which their brand operated. Experiences of flight: aerodynamics, an open horizon, and weightlessness are created within Air Partners’ reception and office spaces through a combination of intelligent planning and modern built form.

Aerodynamics is a key driver of the space plan and serves two functional roles. First, the soft, inviting curves suggest flow, directing users to their destinations. Second, a journey (perfect for client tours) is created via the meandering path through the space.

An open horizon is experienced from nearly any vantage point within the space. Extensive interior glazing and circulation corridors along the exterior walls allow democratic access to daylight and views. These expansive views also serve a business function, acting as “display windows” for Air Partners’ collection of private jets that perch on the tarmac outside.

Weightlessness is suggest by the high contrast interior which features overlapping ceiling planes, continuity of line, and refined detailing. Streamlined furniture, reflective surfaces, and a blue-based colour palette add to this feeling of weightlessness and reference the aviation industry.

Design: Jerilyn Wright & Associates
Photography: Caleb Salomons

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