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5 Ways To Make Waiting For An Appointment More Bearable For Your Office Visitors

5 Ways To Make Waiting For An Appointment More Bearable For Your Office Visitors

5 Ways To Make Waiting For An Appointment More Bearable For Your Office Visitors by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comThink about the last time you were stuck in a waiting room. Were you entertained and having a good time? Probably not! That being said, it’s important to critique your own guest waiting area and analyze the visiting experience from top to bottom. Today on the blog we’re here to help. Enjoy these 5 awesome ways to make waiting for an important appointment more bearable for your office guests.

1.) Make A Great First Impression

First impressions begin to form the minute guests walk in the door of your business. If you wow them right out of the gate with an impressive furniture layout, they’ll be far more likely to enjoy their wait. To do this, we recommend selecting modern furniture and seating when remodeling your waiting room.

Integrating trend setting color options like gray leather and utilizing tablet arm chairs will get you off to a great start. Take your quest to make a great first impression a step further by adding cool accent tables and room accents to make visitors feel more at home.

When remodeling your waiting room, keep the word “open” in mind. If you strive for an open concept and avoid overcrowding your guests, they’ll feel much better about their trip and forget about having to wait after checking in!

2.) Provide Comfortable Seating

It’s as simple as this… Uncomfortable chairs make for bad visiting experiences. Selecting comfortable chairs for your waiting room is an absolute must. Sure style matters, but in the long run, comfort always reigns supreme.

When selecting new chairs for your waiting room, don’t be afraid to do a little research. Check out product reviews online and visit a showroom if there’s one in your area. Give you dealer a call to inquire about chairs they’ve personally tried. No matter what, don’t make a blind purchase. It seldom leads to makeover success.

Need help narrowing down you search for comfortable waiting room seating? No problem! We recommend checking out lounge chairs, side chairs, and sofas from Global Total Office and OFM. These brands are known for quality craftsmanship and their attention to detail.

3.) Make It Easy To Use Devices

Mobile devices act as awesome distractions in the waiting room. Unfortunately, guests with low battery power are often left waiting with nothing more than old magazines to keep them company. To solve this problem, go with powered furniture! Best selling collections like Morph from OFM and River from Global Total Office offer the user friendly input options needed to drastically improve the guest waiting experience provided by your business.

4.) Provide Coffee & Snacks

The wait goes bad when boredom sets in! Providing a coffee station and free snacks in the waiting room will make your visitors feel more at home. If you can find the time to make a tasty batch of cookies or brownies, you’ll be an instant hero with your guests. Give this tip a try and watch your guests light up when they spot the treats in your waiting room.

5.) Keep Wait Times To A Minimum

Nothing suffices for short wait times. All the devices, distractions, and treats in the world won’t help if you leave your valued visitors waiting for extended periods of time. That being said, keeping wait times to a minimum is all about structured scheduling. Work with your receptionist to determine the average length of time each appointment will take. This will help your front desk attendant avoid the dreaded overlapping of appointments.

If you get behind during a busy day and waits begin to extend, don’t panic! Have a backup plan to keep your guests calm, cool, and collected. Have your receptionist trained and ready to handle such situations.

Well run businesses strive to keep wait times under 10 minutes. In the event of extended waits, a quality receptionist should come out from behind their desk, and ask the visitor currently enduring the extended wait if there’s anything they can do to make their visit more enjoyable.

After a visitor who’s dealt with an extended wait leaves, go the extra mile and call them personally to apologize. Personal dedication like this goest a long way. Your guests will appreciate your dedication and commitment to their satisfaction.
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