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5 Ways To Improve The Corporate Training Experience

5 Ways To Improve The Corporate Training Experience
How To Improve The Training Room by

Any business looking to boost training room functionality and efficiency is in the right place! Today on the blog, we’ll highlight the tips, tricks, and product suggestions needed to rock this essential corporate gathering area. From using versatile tables to properly accessorizing, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

1.) Mobile Flip Top Tables

Flip Top Training Room Tables

To create a an awesome corporate training area, you’ll have to strive for versatility. One sure fire way to ensure your interior is ready to adapt at a moments notice is by using mobilized training tables with flip down tops. This popular training room table style makes it easy to create unique layouts. If you’re ready to start thinking outside the box to rock your training room, check out the flip top tables from brands like Mayline and Global Total Office!

Popular Training Tables:

  • Mayline Sync Series
  • Global Total Office 2Gether Series
  • OFM Mesa Series

2.) Nesting Chairs

Training Room Nesting ChairNow that you’ve selected awesome tables for your project, it’s time to focus on maximizing floor space and guest comfort. To do this, you’ll need the correct seating. All to often, businesses outfitting training areas turn to traditional computer chairs for the job. Unfortunately, this style of chair makes it incredibly difficult to maximize space. Thankfully, brands like Eurotech Seating have us covered. With training room chairs that nest like the Flip series NT1000 model you’ll be able to maximize seating without sacrificing comfort. These do-it-all chairs can also be efficiently housed along the perimeter of your training room when not in use to make for easy cleaning.

Popular Nesting Chairs:

  • Eurotech NT1000 Flip Chair
  • Global Total Office 1899 Roma Chair
  • Mayline KTS1 Thesis Chair

3.) Technology

Training Room TV StandAdd a flat screen TV to your training room to ensure your visual learners are able to retain important information effectively. Once thought of as luxury items, we’re seeing smart TV’s incorporated into nearly every office interior imaginable. From the lobby to the boardroom, TV’s have become an essential tool for businesses looking to show demonstration videos, and even browse the web! If you don’t want to mount a flat screen to a wall in your training room, go with a cool multi media cart like the HAMMC from Mayline!

4.) Storage

Training Room Wall CabinetA clean and well organized training room will ensure an excellent visiting experience your guests will appreciate. That being said, you’ll need some form for storage product in your training room. All too often, this essential remodeling attribute becomes an afterthought that causes project quality to suffer. Don’t fall victim to this makeover mishap. Instead, outfit your training room with an executive style low wall cabinet. The surface of the cabinet can be used to setup drinks and snacks, while the storage space can be dedicated to housing important presentation materials and stationary. Best selling low wall cabinets like the ALC from the Mayline Aberdeen collection measure 72″W x 18″D x 29″H. Plan accordingly in the beginning stages of your project!

5.) Accessories
Training Room Presentation Board
Last but certainly not least, you’ll need to add a few key accessories to your training room. Start with the integration of a presentation board. Rest assured, it will come in super handy during important strategy sessions. We love the B5672FPB from Global Total Office. With it’s dry erase writing surface, this handy tool makes it easy to take down important notes and ideas generated during corporate training sessions.

A lectern will also come in handy! To create a professional training room you’ll need to make presenters and guest speakers feel at home. Often times, it’s uncomfortable presenting to large groups of people. A lectern or podium will serve your training room as an awesome tool for presenters to rest their notes, and even lean on when delivering important information to the class! Popular lecterns like those from the Global Total Office Zira collection are a must consider for any training room makeover.
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